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February 2nd, 2007 will be no ordinary day.  The men will grunt, the women will gasp, and the kids will watch in awe as the mightiest of appetites face off for one common goal.  It will, in fact, be a day of fierce burrito eating conglomeration.  February 2nd, 2007 will be the BURRITO BOWL.  On this day many will try to conquer the Burrito, but only one will be crowned champion.  This Burrito-Baron will have earned the right to the Rio Wraps Ultimate Fiesta Grand Prize.

  The Qualifying Round

The way to Burrito domination has several paths.  You must complete one of these to qualify for the Burrito Bowl:

1. Win one of 10 qualifying competitions dubbed appropriately the Prelim-a-Mini burrito eating contests.

2. Win a spot at the Burrito Bowl from a WDFN radio personality.

3. One lucky individual will be selected from the random drawing and advance directly to the Burrito Bowl.

  The Main Event

Each finalist who has passed through a qualifying round will have earned their right to compete at the Burrito Bowl.  Of all the finalist, the one who eats the most burritos in the permitted time will be the victor of Burrito Bowl 2007 and will take home the Ultimate Fiesta Grand Prize Package.

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