Burrito Bowl II Synopsis
Burrito Bowl 2007's Champion
Some men have the ability to slay giants. John Haviland has this ability, but he is no ordinary man. He's a "Superman" as his friend's would call him. In the closest Burrito-Battle in Burrito Bowl history, John narrowly defeated the defending Champion, Justin Swarbrick, and captured the coveted Silver Cup and was declared the new Burrito Bowl Champion...

Burrito Bowl II, on February 1st, 2008, was even bigger than any of us could have anticipated. Raising over $10,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society this charity event drew in crowds of people from all around southeast Michigan. There was over 450 guests in attendance, Rio Wraps employees, and a WDFN crew running about, making the 24,000 sq foot Great American Chopper venue difficult to navigate.

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The event was fun for everyone. The Casino Night gambling with Funny Money couldn't have been more of a hit; the tables were packed the entire night. Guests played and played trying to earn as many raffle tickets as they could, for the awesome prizes that were given away at the end. Local Detroit band Calling Marvin took the stage after WDFN's live broadcast and they really got the party going. With everything else going on, some people forgot that there was a Burrito Eating Finale about to take place.

At 8:00pm, with the help of WDFN's radio personality Sean Baligian, the 15 Burrito Eating Finalists were announced to a roaring audience and seated on stage for the greatest moment in each of their lives. We knew this years contest was going to be a close battle, with 4 finalist all having Prelim-a-MINI times within 14 seconds of each other and the fastest being John Haviland coming in at a record-breaking 3min 0sec. As the contestants struggled onward to stuff themselves full of as many 1lb RIOriginal Chicken Burritos as possible, two contestants moved ahead of the pack and looked to be evenly matched.

2007 Champion Justin Swarbrick was ahead just by a few bites as he opened the wrapper on his fifth Burrito with less than a minute left on the clock. John Haviland, however, was not far behind. John scurried open his fifth Burrito and tried his hardest to catch up to Justin, who was already a few bites in. As the clock wound down to zero, in a last ditch effort, John took the biggest bite he could muster, a technique known by Competitive Eating Professionals as "Chipmunking". Each contestant has 15 seconds after the 10 minute competition is over with to swallow what they have in their mouth; John was successful, but barely. The reamining Burritos are weighed to find out which contestant has eaten the most of their last Burrito. Justin weighed in at 4lbs 1.2oz, and John at 4lbs 1.8oz. The battle was close, but the victor was clear: John Haviland slayed the giant that is 2007's Winner and gorged his way onto the Burrito Bowl Cup of Champions.