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Catering Certificate Drawing

Back of Punch CardHow The Overachievers Program Works:

With this program you have the opportunity to reward those students that have gone above and beyond what is expected of the average student. Perhaps, a student properly cleaned his or her desk, graciously helped another student or reached the goal set for books read per month.

Feel free to use the Rio Wraps Overachievers Certificates to reward students for any good deed. With a Rio Wraps Overachievers Certificate the student is entitled to TWO FREE SOFT SHELL TACOS!

Download the Overachievers Cover Page

How to Participate:
1) Teachers or School Faculty please contact Your Local Rio Wraps and ask to speak to the Manager about getting your Students set up in this program. Or...

2) Contact the Rio Wraps Marketing Department:
Phone: 248-740-1100 - feedback(at)